Pediatric Dentistry

Humans go through two sets of teeth in their life. “Baby” teeth, or primary teeth, arise in the first year of life and can last up to 12 years. Oral hygiene is important from an early stage as it not only teaches good habits but also helps identify tooth, jaw and gum issues that may need to be addressed early on in life.

Dr. Bennett and her team at Family Dentistry of Calera recommend to start seeing your children for regular visits at the age of 3 and is happy to refer your child to a local pediatric dentist until your child is old enough to be seen in our office. What will your dentist do during your child’s visit? Your child will receive a thorough cleaning by our hygienist who most likely will apply a fluoride treatment to their teeth. Other common procedures performed by the dentist include tooth extractions, pulp treatment, dental crowns, cavity fillings and even basic orthodontic treatments.